Friday, September 3, 2010

Elk for Tanya

Tanya, one of my fave bloggers, lives in Australia. She gets to see kangaroos. I think that's cool!

I get to see elk. They're cool, too, but they're not roos, nor wallabies, nor any of the other cool upside down animals they have down there.

Tanya was sad I didn't' get photos of our close encounter with the elk yesterday, but here's something even better--just for you and just for her. Mr. Boom set the trail cam up last week in the hills to see what he could see. The camera is seven feet up in the air, attached to a tree. Keep that height in mind while you watch this video...

Elk are very shy, and tend to run when they see human beings. In fact, while we were up hunting this afternoon*, we saw a mama elk and her baby, along with another elk of middling size laying down in a meadow chewing their respective cuds. When they saw that they were seen, up they stood and up over the crest of the hill they trotted. They can move silently, so silently that you wouldn't believe it based on their size alone.

But, when people aren't around, they're not so quiet and staid. Here's a side of elk neither of us have ever seen before.

This last video is kind of neat just because it's taken with the infrared function of the cam.

Three elk, one watering hole.

Heh, I wonder what kind of people are going to end up here based on that description?

*No grouse were harmed, or even sighted, in the making of this hunting trip.


  1. I remember when living in Boston seeing a skunk for the first time. I had never seen one before. I got a little too excited, and probably a little too close, but fortunately nothing happened, if you know what I mean - wasn't well trained in skunk distance! So I think it would be amazing to see an elk, too! I grew up with kangaroos, and all those other upside down animals, so sure, they are special, but it's always nice to see something different!

  2. Beyond exciting! I loved those live images. He must have been very excited to capture them as well. Makes me really want to touch their hair. Thank you for doing the special post for me, I loved it and have shared it with my husband too.
    ....And PLEASE tell me you did NOT help life that round!

  3. Julia~ We have skunks that live under our porch. They're quite friendly, and have even tried to follow the cats into the house! One skunk killed one of our little hens, and that skunk was sent away.

    Tanya~ Who me???? It's our secret though, right?