Sunday, September 19, 2010


I wanted to come up with some sort of unique method to pick the winner of the our one year anniversary present.

How cute would it be to get a chicken to pick one?!!

I carefully spread the names of the entrants (two pieces for each Google follower!) on the ground in a somewhat random order. 

Chirp chirp went off to find a good chicken candidate.

Cloudy came along in the interim, offering up his services as a random name on a paper picker.

After given the go-ahead, he clearly froze.

"I just can't do it" he said.

Meanwhile, the chicks (hard to call them that anymore, but harder not to!) answered their summons and appeared on the scene.

"Help me out, guys!  This is really tough!"

"I may be wrong, but these aren't either feed nor worms."

"Nope.  Too weird.  You do it, Cloudy!"

Bracing himself...

Contemplating the situation...

He goes for a slip of paper!

Congratulations to the Pollinatrix!  Have you seen her blog, the Whole Blooming World
Please go help her celebrate one year of blogging, too! 

"I need more catnip.  And a nap."

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate, and everyone who's been along on this crazy ride with us!

Pollinatrix, send me your address, and I'll send you some homemade pampering!

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  1. WOW!!! This made my day! I loved this post even before I found out I'm the winner. Thank you!

    I looked all over your blog for an email address to send my snail mail address to, but didn't find one. If you email me at, I'll email you back with it.