Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Newsflash! It's winter!

Chirp-chirp is in the dining room, sorting through her new school binders and paper, pens and pencils, getting her gear ready for the start of school tomorrow.
Suddenly I hear...


It's only 3:40 and she needs to turn on the light to see what she's doing.
The summer sun is gone.

I bought a few rust-colored mums at the hardware store today.
When did I start buying old lady flowers? Am I entering my own winter, too?

Autumn is my very favorite season. Why am I so reluctant to welcome it this year? I usually revel in the cooler weather, I'm like a happy little aster awakening after the heat and heaviness of the summer. But this year, autumn just looks like winter in training.

Maybe making an apple pie will turn my spirits around. Too bad I don't have any apples. I do have some marshmallows left over from camping. They'll go stale soon, so I guess I'll make some Rice Crispy treats instead.

Nope, just not ready for summer to end.

What do you mean I don't have a choice?!!


  1. I'm sorry but you simply MUST relinquish summer and let us have it now!

  2. Well, okay. Fine. You can have it. I'm done weeding!

  3. I've been having the same experience about autumn this year, and like you, am puzzled by my lack of enthusiasm to welcome my favorite season. Hmmm.