Friday, September 10, 2010

Embracing autumn

Okay, I can handle it now.

A big storm came through right after that last post. The world was dreary and dark. It seemed like we'd never see sunlight again.

But, as they always do, the storm passed and we're now in the magical time of autumn. The sun's rays are hitting the yard in a new angle, illuminating the grass and garden and trees in a new way. The dew sits on the grass longer each morning, and the lawn is thicker and greener in the new cool weather than it was during the hot dry summer.

This morning, while mowing the lawn, I noticed the first fall crocus poking their heads up through the mulch. I love these little guys, and have trouble finding them for sale anywhere. That's an understatement, actually. I've NEVER seen them for sale anywhere!

Woolly-bear caterpillars are making their way across the roadways everywhere. I need a bumper sticker that says "Caution: brakes for caterpillars." Because I do. I admit it!

Grapes are ripening, tomatoes everywhere, pumpkins turning orange. It really does look like the season has changed in my yard. I'm glad, really.

Does anyone have a great recipe for zucchini bread? I have a decent recipe, but not a great one. I look forward to your contributions!


  1. I read down and liked your post on honey. Me, too afraid to do what you did, but really glad others get that honey for me. Yum.

  2. Oh gardenwalkgardentalk, it's really not that bad at all. The bees are actually little sweethearts!

  3. My husband has made two batches of DELICIOUS zucchini bread this week (the second batch because the first one disappeared in our bellies in a mysteriously short amount of time). I'll post it on my blog shortly, if you want to take a look.

  4. Paperseed~ I can't wait to see your (his?) recipe!