Monday, December 28, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again (by Kat)

Salutations from the homefront!
(So happy to be back here at the homefront!)

We left home on Wednesday, and finally found our way back on Sunday. The roads were lovely, which may have been the best present we could ask for this year. It was strange to be away for Christmas--in some ways it was easier, in other ways it was much more difficult.

Right now, our second largest cat, weighing in at 25 pounds, is draped over my wrists as I type. Being away from home isn't as hard as that.

Hard was not having the traditional foods, the traditional sit-down dinner, the traditional drive around to look at the lights. Hard was wondering if the cats and chickens were okay, if our own Christmas tree at home had fallen over, if the house had burnt down. Very hard was the lack of espresso maker on the counter (or coffee of any kind).

Easy, interestingly, is a nearly identical list. No cooking an elaborate sit-down dinner for a crowd. Not having to look after our own animals. Driving up the road to get a coffee instead of making it myself.

Christmas is family, and we had that. We had Christmas. It was good.

In a few weeks, my aunt will be back in town again, after her absence of several months. She had Christmas with a neighbor in Arkansas. They had Christmas, too. They had it, and it was good.

But on the phone tonight, we started planning...we're doing Christmas again in January!

I can't wait!

Oh. And guess what we did Saturday night? More gingerbread houses!

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