Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Candy Canes or Candy Cannots? (by Kat)

Continuing the fun of Christmas injuries, tonight my
daughter and I made candy canes. Trouble is, they
look a little bit more like candy cannots, to me.

Add to that the burn/blister/owie owie it hurts
that covers the base of my index finger on one hand,
and the multitude of mini-blister/burns/ seriously it really hurts
owie owies on my other hand,
and I think I might be *just*about done with
Christmas basket making year.

Last year, these were a hoot to make, but this year--
well I only have 10 fingers and three are now out of commission.
The basket is a bit meager this year, with only fudge, caramels,
lemon-drop cookies, spicy molasses cookies, high-octane toffee,
and cinnamon candy cane cannots.
I'll sew up a few little ornaments to add to this
basket, and then I'm done.
Really, really, done.

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