Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I challenge you (by Kat)

I challenge each of you to do just one little thing on December 31st.
One little thing that you've meant to do all year.
One little thing you'd be tempted to put on a New Year's Resolution List, if you made one.
One little thing that you can get out of the way this year; one last little thing to be proud of.
Maybe you need to call someone, finish a book, or clean out a kitchen drawer.
Maybe there's one little thing you can do, and that you will do.
I challenge you.
I DARE you!

Me, I'm gonna make soap!!

What are you gonna do?


  1. Here's the recipe I'll be using. Looks like I need to run to the store and get Pringles!

  2. Well, I didn't do it on Dec. 31, but on New Year's Day - I completely organized the two shelving units in my dining room. And it felt great! Well, not the part where a huge heap of miscellany covered my dining table, but definitely at the end of the process!

    Happy New Year!