Monday, December 21, 2009

Four More Nights Sleeps (by Bet)

Frost covered trees in the Rockies

With only four more nights sleeps before Christmas, I am huddled under a handmade afghan watching really bad television and listening to the rain.  The list of Christmas possibilities are endless in my mind, surely outgrowing the actual possibility of achieving them. 

So, in this vein of thought I am supremely grateful for all those that still handcraft Christmas.  People like Kat, my mom and Soule Mama who plan and take the time to create a Christmas that is more than just a stash of stuff.  As I look around my home, I have evidence of the love these people have given to me.  An afghan my grandma made me, a nativity scene crafted by my father-in-law, a bevy of handmade ornaments care of my children, a watercolor by my own mom, a gingerbread house shared with Kat.  So even though I will be spending this afternoon shopping instead of making, my heart is definitely with those who do.  Maybe some day I will manage to find the time to make all those projects that live in my mind. 

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