Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Spring Dreaming...(by Kat)

Sure, it's snowing outside.


The chickens refuse to come down from their roost.


I'm supposed to be taking down the Christmas tree and the majority of the decorations.



I'm drinking coffee and simply drooooling over the Irish Eyes Garden Seeds 2010 Spring Catalog. The company is local, and specializes in organic and heirloom seeds and potato starts. Not all their seeds meet these requirements, because in some cases the organic seeds just aren't right for our climate. Unlike most seed companies, these guys actually produce as many seeds as they can, right on their own property. The whole family works on the farm and in the office, and they also hire local full-time workers. It's the kind of place you can be really proud of getting seeds and starts from.

I should mention that they don't know me from Adam. I have no vested interest in their success, other than the fact that any local business that's successful is a success for our valley in general.

So, back to the droooooooling...

Organic mini-tubers! No cutting, just plant them whole, and increased yields over non-cut varieties? Early producers, though, takes a little more real-estate since you can't put them in a potato growing bin.

Did you say potato growing bin? Be still my heart as we gaze at page 17! These are the most beautiful bins ever. These bins bear no resemblance to my own bins, built from scraps and bits, and covered up early in the year by hops.

Beets. I was a beet-growing failure of large proportion last year. This year, I will succeed! I swear it! I will have beets in the freezer, beets on the shelf, and beets in my belly all year long. Let's see, I need to put them in better sun. The information provided also says to keep the beets away from pole beans. Oh-ho, it even tells me how many feet to plant per person. Three of us, so 60 linear feet of beets. 100 linear feet per packet, so yeehaw baybee, we'll have us some beets.

Which type, which type, which of the six to choose?

Broccoli and Brussels sprouts are next. Yummy! I just need to plant them away from where they were this past summer, it says. Hmm. Might need a few more beds. I put broccoli in each of the beds we have now!

This is serious business, folks.

Spring dreaming.....

What are you dreaming?

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