Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My new favorite gadget (by Kat)

Baby it's cold outside!

Last year, mornings meant lugging out a fresh bucket of water for the chickens.
Noontime meant pounding out the ice block, coming in to re-fill the bucket, and lugging a fresh bucket of water out to the chickens.
Dinnertime? You guessed it.

So, I hereby introduce to you my favorite new gadget!

The bowl is insulated, and has a thermostat, and plugs in to keep the water in a liquid state!
No more solid state water!

Low tech is really great for most things. But I'll take the high tech here!

On another note, raccoon prints on the backyard pond.
How cute (until the get into the chicken coop...)!!

The raccoon prints were much clearer before the wind blew the dusting of snow away.

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