Friday, December 4, 2009

What are you doing this weekend? (by Kat)

What are you doing this weekend?

Marble is admiring her brand new feathers.
She just went though a molt, and missed her good looks (and tail feathers)!

Seraphina is in the middle of a molt.
She'll spend the weekend sloughing old feathers and growing new ones.

Cumulus is spending her time healing from her ordeal with the
un-Saint-ly Bernard.

Pablano is trying to figure out how to work a screwdriver.
Sitting in front of the heat vent is not enough.
He wants to curl up right inside the furnace.

We're going to a party for a two-year old.
I found the BEST PRESENT EVER last week near Bet's.

His cheeks glow, and he quacks a not-too-obnoxious
quack as his fountain spurts water over his back!

($12.95 from Young Art in Vancouver, WA)

I can't wait to see my nephew's face!

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  1. What I'm doing this weekend you an award! Pop over to my blog to get it.

    I'm also hiding that duck fountain picture from my two-year-old before she starts screaming for one.